The B word – How to Brexit proof your supply of migrant workers

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Brexit Migrant Workers

It has been dragging on for years but one way or another Brexit will soon be in action and with or without a deal the UK will be out the EU on 1stNovember, or at least that is the likely outcome. Businesses across London and the UK are worrying about the Brexit implications, especially ones that rely on foreign workers.

The fear of no deal is affecting business and investment across the UK and those in need of migrant workers are starting to worry they may not be able to access them if the free movement of people is affected and immigration is cut as some ministers are hoping for. 

There may be a significant number of people leaving the UK, in fact it is already happening as people are making plans to move elsewhere as their future in the UK feels so uncertain. For immigrants that have come from EU member states especially it may feel precarious, but it has in fact affected any non-British workers as there is a lack of reassurance about future policies and their secured residence here. It has been stated no one will be forced to leave immediately, but the uncertainty surrounding the whole Brexit saga makes anything said about it difficult to believe. 

Overall in the UK, in 2018, 17% of all workers were non-UK born. The recruitment market in London is currently made up of a large number of migrant workers particularly in industries such as warehouse work, construction, hospitality and agriculture. It is thought the impact on the hospitality industry alone could be immense. At RND recruitment we are based in Watford and cover the whole of London, and have valuable contacts in Eastern Europe for supplying workers who are eligible to work in the UK and will still be after Brexit.

After the UK leaves the EU, people will be subject to UK immigration laws not EU ones and there will be no free movement of people, unless there is a deal put in place in the next couple of months. So, if no deal goes ahead, or a deal that affects immigration negatively, it is likely that a large number of migrant workers may leave, certainly long term it will have vast implications and it will undoubtedly affect those coming here to work and some significant skill gaps and staff shortages may occur. 

As specialists in supplying workers from Eastern Europe we are here to help you and will be able to advise on the HR implications that Brexit brings and guide you through any new processes of taking on non-UK workers. Employees will have new rights and therefore employers will have new responsibilities.

We also specialise in areas that have a skills deficit, such as engineering and healthcare. We can source trained staff to fill these skill gaps and reduce the impact of Brexit on your business. Our network of contacts across Eastern Europe and beyond, alongside our knowledge of Russian and other languages gives us an insight that few other recruitment agencies can compete with.

Taking on an apprentice may also be a prudent way to get new workers at a fraction of the wage costs of a skilled worker, as the training costs are nearly all covered by the government. At RND recruitment we can offer free advice and guidance to both candidates and employers regarding apprenticeships and whether they are a good fit.

If you are looking fill your vacancies and require hard working and vetted migrant workers or wish to discuss a possible future need for your business, then please get in touch by phone 0203 885 2977 or email