Interview with Roman Dzyryk, the founder of RND recruitment

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What we are?

We are a new recruitment agency that specialises in staffing and recruitment solutions for companies that have skills shortages and are highly dependent on migrant workers.

We exist to support companies that experience skill shortages in their industries, and we help businesses to fill the skill gaps by:

  • The recruitment of migrant workers who have the right experience and live in the UK currently.
  • Traditional headhunting.
  • Recruiting staff from abroad.
  • Consultation with clients about the apprenticeship program and its benefits.
  • Sourcing local candidates who can retrain or have transferable skills to change careers.
  • We supply labour from across the UK and Eastern Europe and have a network of skilled and semi-skilled labour. We cover both short term and permanent roles.

Where are we?

We are based in Watford and cover Bushey, South Oxhey and the surrounding local areas of London, however we are happy to deal with clients further afield.

Who am I?

My name is Roman and me and my wife Natalja run RND, it is something we have thought about doing for a long time. I am from Ukraine and my wife is from Latvia and therefore we understand the culture of Eastern Europe and can offer a unique insight to companies into workers from the area, we are also multilingual and therefore can communicate effectively with the multilingual candidates we source for clients.

What is RND’s unique selling point (USP)?

We cover industries that are dependent on immigrant workers and we differentiate from other agencies offering similar services because we are the agency run by the immigrants. We understand the culture of our candidates and in many cases, we talk their language, which can be a huge barrier to companies wishing to communicate with workers effectively.

Our knowledge and insight enables us to perform quality interviews and explore candidates’ true strengths and weaknesses, which would normally be hidden behind the language barrier or even a cultural difference. We then find the best fit for our clients, based on their professional requirements, company values and culture. We source our candidates from the UK, but we can also use our contacts and supply employees from Eastern Europe if needed.

We perform ID checks and check the legal employment status of our candidates. We can also carry out all the reference and DBS checks when requested, leaving one less thing for our clients to action.

Which languages do we speak?

The vast majority of our candidates are Russian speaking, so we are fluent in Russian. Many people from Eastern Europe are fluent in English but if they aren’t, they speak Russian instead. They then tend to speak Russian between themselves to overcome the language barriers between the countries such as Latvians speaking to Moldavians etc.

We are also proficient in the languages of Latvia and Ukraine.

In future we aim to cover Romanian, Polish and some other languages of the area.

Why does being multilingual matter?

We care about our candidates and we talk their language. This knowledge of languages from the east of Europe is core to our business and we aim to provide not only a friendlier and simpler service to our skilled and semi-skilled candidates but also a unique service to our clients, as an opportunity to employ the right person for the job is often lost either through a misunderstanding of culture or one of language. We bridge this gap and create an efficient and needed service for businesses all over Watford, London and beyond.

We will support our non-English speaking candidates throughout their recruitment process and will attend their induction and any other training which will be required to ensure they understand the topic and procedures. This also means if you need help in translating some internal signs within your business we can help here too.

For more information

If you are looking fill your vacancies and require hard working and vetted migrant workers or wish to discuss a possible future need for your business, then please get in touch by phone 0203 885 2977 or email