Interview with Roman Dzyryk, the founder of RND recruitment. Part 2

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As a recap, part 1 of the interview covered who we are and what we do, please read more at

What we are?

We are a new recruitment agency that specialises in staffing and recruitment solutions for companies that have skills shortages and are highly dependent on migrant workers.

We exist to support companies that experience skill shortages in their industries, and we help businesses to fill the skill gaps by:

The recruitment of migrant workers who have the right experience and live in the UK currently.
Traditional headhunting.
Recruiting staff from abroad.
Consultation with clients about the apprenticeship program and its benefits.
Sourcing local candidates who can retrain or have transferable skills to change careers.
We supply labour from across the UK and Eastern Europe and have a network of skilled and semi-skilled labour. We cover both short term and permanent roles.

Where are we?

We are based in Watford and cover Bushey, South Oxhey and the surrounding local areas of London.

What type of jobs do we cover?

We provide multilingual migrant workers for temporary and permanent positions; this also includes maternity cover and other temporary agency or seasonal work.

We focus on various areas but primarily cover recruitment for construction workers, catering staff, hospitality personnel, aviation employees, warehouse and retail staff.

We have a good understanding of the requirements needed for all these industries and can therefore source the right candidates for the right roles, providing both you and the candidates with support all the way from sourcing right through to induction in their new role.

Does that mean you have a database of multilingual native speaking candidates?

Yes, this is another of our strengths. If a client is looking for a native speaking Russian or Ukrainian or other Eastern European language (Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Moldovian, etc.) we have a great network of such candidates.

How do we price our services?

The pricing structure depends on set up, length of service, job spec, etc. We guarantee to offer competitive prices within the market average. Our service is unique and of a high quality, which gives value over time as you will not need to keep re-advertising positions, because we will ensure you get the best candidates the first time around.

We also do loads of complimentary services – like small translations during interviews or induction, internal signs; also we provide free advice on apprenticeship programs to businesses.

To get more information on our costs and get a quote for providing staff for your business please contact us on the details below.

What support do we offer to candidates?

We are one of the few recruitment agencies who talk and understand multiple Eastern European languages. In addition to speaking Russian and English, we also currently understand Latvian and Ukrainian languages.

We can provide help to candidates with CV writing, interview tips, language support during training/induction at the company, and even with some basic English skills training. We don’t just place you then forget about you, we will ensure you are settled and facilitate the relationship between you and the employer, especially when language is an issue.

To our most hardworking and reliable candidates we also provide with free advice and mentoring on their career development, and work on their next placement matching their career ambitions.

Do we know about Government Sponsored Apprenticeships?

Yes! We are big promoters of Apprenticeships and can help you decide if it is right for your business.

Are you aware that you can support your new or existing staff gain the skills to improve productivity or to move through your organization with 90% of training costs covered by the government? Contact us to learn more about Apprenticeships. We provide free consultation and apprentice recruitment services to our clients.

This method is an invaluable way to get staff at a fraction of the cost at the outset. The commitment is to training and development, and by choosing the right candidates you can create the perfect worker for your business as they will learn to work in the correct way for your company right from the start.

What Certifications do we have?

By end of the year we aim to be certified by REC – The Recruitment & Employment Confederation. In the UK recruitment industry, REC is the leading professional body. It makes sure that your entire recruiting process follows all legal requirements and best practice. REC members must abide by a Code of Professional Practice and must prove that they are fully compliant with the law. It is a condition of membership that recruitment businesses have a complaints policy and procedure, and member agencies are subject to the REC’s disciplinary and complaints procedure if the agency fails to follow the Code.

If you are an employer and require assistance in recruitment of temporary or permanent staff, please contact us on 0203 885 2977 or email